For My Mom's Memorial Service

The first word that comes to mind when I think of my mom is creative. She showed her love by making you something. After high school she worked at a fabric store. Sewing remained a life long enjoyment. When I was in high school she made every dress I wore to a dance. There was a plaid skirt and powder blue spaghetti strap silky top for my freshman year. A pink satin with fitted bodice and 1980’s puffy sleeves for my senior prom. I loved those outfits. But Mom didn’t do zippers or button holes.

Happy Fifth Birthday Nathaniel

We celebrated Nathaniel's birthday a few weeks ago; early because his actual birthday falls on the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Five seems magical and unbelievable. It seems to have happened overnight, and at the same time like he has experienced too much to still be so young. A few hours before his party, Josiah took him to the back yard to take some photos. They too are magical. They show clearly Nathaniel's wonder and joy for living.

Five Things I Have Learned Transitioning My Son from G-Tube to Oral Feeding

I typically use Nathaniel's quarterly GI appointment as a reason to write about his progress transitioning from g-tube to oral feeding. I skipped writing about April's appointment because there was nothing spectacular to share.  Nathaniel's extended PICU at the end of February required us to return to full g-tube feeds. He lost two pounds while sick and had no desire to eat orally when discharged. I write a bit about that recovery here.

I probably should have written about feeding through that season. The ebb and flow between success with oral feeding and relying on the g-tube has been very much a part of the transition.

July Backyard Visitor: Fireflies

When we decided to homeschool this year, I did not want every piece of our day to be remedial and fixing weaknesses. I wanted to do something that built on Nathaniel's strengths and things we enjoy. His receptive language skills are fantastic. He loves stories. He loves being outside. This intersection is where I am building some fun learning into our day.

"Backyard Visitors" is the name I am giving to our nature study. We are learning about one animal a month through children's literature, crafts, and time outdoors. We are working on core AAC vocabulary. The first critter that we learned about was the firefly.