My AAC Immersion Kindergarten: Week 5

Nathaniel's medical conditions stole time from being a student this week. He has recently experienced some complications with his trach stoma, and we think he might have a respiratory infection. Thankfully, we've managed at home, which is a huge improvement for this kid who used to need ICU support for minor viruses. But we've been to the doctor a number of times and have added additional treatments to our routine. He hasn't been sleeping well, which means I haven't slept well.

August AAC Core Word Activities: Week 1

This week the augmentative alternative communication (AAC) activities in our homeschool focused on the words DAY, SORRY, TOGETHER, JOB. I selected these from the PrAACtical AAC August core words list one.  This was a bit harder set of words for Nathaniel and I. All were on a second screen of his app, Speak for Yourself. I was still needing to use the app's search feature to find the words on Wednesday. Thank goodness we only have to navigate two screens to find each word.

July AAC Core Word Activities At Home Free Printable

We are like every other AAC family.

Despite all the blog posts I've written this month about providing an AAC immersion educational setting for kindergarten at home for our son, we struggle daily. Sometimes we go long stretches of the day without modeling language on Nathaniel's device. There are times we have to search for the device to advert a communication frustration meltdown. Sometimes we leave the device in the car. Under the bed. In the other room. Sometimes we are too tired, too hurried, to doubtful that this will really work.

Like other AAC families, we need constant encouragement to keep on keeping on.

We need simple ideas of incorporating language into our lives that require little set up, little clean up, and no expense.