Happy 6th Birthday Nathaniel!


We are celebrating Nathaniel’s sixth birthday this weekend. I’ve probably said it about each year, but it is unbelievable that he’s six. When you parent and love a child who has bore labels like “prognosis: poor,” “failure to thrive,” and “unadoptable,” every year is a milestone. When that child has survived multiple episodes of sepsis, respiratory failure, accidental trach decanulation, aspiration pneumonia, medical formula intolerance, and dehydration, every birthday is significant.

#AACAwareness: Keep the Parent Perspective

October is Augmentative Alternative (AAC) Awareness month. It is also the month annually that I have to resubscribe to the website building program I use to write and host this blog. The overlap strikes me as appropriate. My blog has slowly migrated into a site that focuses on Nathaniel and his need for communication; it is meaningful that I yearly recommit to sharing that journey during AAC awareness month.