Twenty-five years ago, I went ice-skating on a cold January evening.  Just as I stepped onto the ice, a handsome guy came flying through the air and landed at my feet.  No sooner than he hit the ice, he got up and started skating away.  He mumbled an apology and flashed an embarrassed smile. And I noticed he was smiling just by looking in his eyes.

I had moved to St. Louis, Missouri from northern Ohio intending to stay for just one semester. I went skating weekly. As winter came to an end and the outdoor rink closed, that smiling skater asked for my phone number.  And then my street address.  And after taking me on a first date to a Lego display and saying goodnight at the door, he threw rocks at my bedroom window. 

It seems we blinked our eyes and have gone from being a starry-eyed love struck couple to being middle-aged with eight children, some who are starry-eyed themselves these days. Our marriage and family life has been a rich mixture of joyful, hard, and just ordinary days. When time permits me to carve a moment to reflect, here is where I share.