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Getting to know one another: August Photos

I'm a bit caught. Due to Nathaniel being in the custody of Children's Division for the first six months he was with us, I couldn't share information or photos publicly.  The telling of Nathaniel's Story is back in August for the most part. But life today is fun and exciting and I'm eager to share what is happening in Nathaniel's and our family life THIS week.

The easiest solution that I can come up with is to share lots of photos from our fall together. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Here are some photos of Nathaniel and our family as we settled in the last weeks of August.

Helping Ben open a new toy after breakfast one morning.

Ok, I can't help it, some words needed with these photos of Nathaniel eating.

Both speech and occupational therapy were working on Nathaniel's oral eating skills in his previous foster placement. He was diagnosed as having an oral aversion. I waited a few weeks to get therapy started again, but in the meantime I gave Nathaniel baby food to play with whenever we were eating. My goal was that eating would feel like a social, fun, family experience rather than another treatment or therapy others were forcing on him. He took to exploring very quickly. Within a week he let me put food in his mouth.

Nathaniel spent a lot of time the first weeks just watching the world around him.

And watching us.

We spent a lot of time the first few weeks watching Nathaniel.

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