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Nathaniel Wrist Bands

Nathaniel Wrist Bands

Nathaniel is headed to Cincinnati Children's Hospital in August for an evaluation of his airway. He has a huge team of family, friends, medical professionals, and even strangers who follow his story and are genuinely concerned about his well-being. We do not take that for granted. If you are reading this, you are part of that team. We want you to know how much you mean to us. We need your continued prayer for Nathaniel. We want you to feel a part of Nathaniel's story and how it represents God moving in the world today. On August 10th we will begin shipping our first batch of TEAM NATHANIEL/HOLD MY WORDS bracelets. Pre-orders can be placed below.

The phrase HOLD MY WORDS has many layers of meaning for us. It reflects the commitment we have as a family to help Nathaniel find his voice despite his airway abnormalities. It reflects our willingness to literally hold his adaptive equipment so he can get on with being a normal two-year old. It also reflects our commitment to God and his instruction in Proverbs 4:4 to take hold of His words and to keep his commands. In following God's command to care for orphans, we met Nathaniel. We have seen God faithfully meet us in and equip us for every step of this journey. Our prayer is that when you see a TEAM NATHANIEL bracelet on your wrist, you will remember to pray for Nathaniel. And also remember to live courageously as you cling to God's Word and follow Him into new and exciting things.

Hold My Words Wrist Band
from 3.50

100% Silicone Wristband. Gray with blue debossed letters. HOLD MY WORDS on one side; TEAM NATHANIEL on the opposite.

Child Size: 5 7/8" (generally fits preschool and kindergarten age children)
Adult Small Size: 6 6/8" (generally fits elementary age children and small adults)
Adult Medium Size: 7 3/8" (generally fits most adults)
Adult Large Size: 8 3/8" (fits larger wrists)

NOTE: If ordering an assorted pack of three, please specify the sizes on your order form.

Price includes shipping within the United States.

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