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Two Years of Knowing Nathaniel

Two years ago this morning we met Nathaniel.

When these days come up, I realize how new I still am to adoption. Which day is suppose to be the most significant? The day we learned he was our son? The day we met him? The day he came home? The day his adoption was finalized? This one, the first time we met and held him, feels so important.

The Welcome Home Embrace

Nathaniel and I achieved a milestone recently. I had been out grocery shopping and he was home with our private duty day nurse. As I walked through the front door I called my usual to him, “Nathaniel! Mommy is home!” He ran to me. Arms out stretched. Smiling broad. A first.

Loved Well

A mom steps timidly forward.

A protective older brother watches cautiously.

A baby looks for reassurance.

A mom stands courageously to the side.

And the photographer positions the moment I met my son in a larger story:

his foster family loved him well.