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Paper Bag Vacation Journal

I grew up as a year around resident in Lakeside, Ohio. It is one of the few existing Chautauqua in the United States and the unique setting definetly shaped who I am today.  Reflections of experiencing Lakeside, both as a summer and winter resident in my childhood and as a returning vacationer, has filled many journals.

How to Miss a Year of Homeschooling

I had a few extra minutes before making Grandpa's breakfast this morning, and picked up Vicki Spandel's The 9 Rights of Every Writer. I wanted to review some of Spandel's insights on teaching. She is good. She got me by the end of chapter one - student writers have the right to be reflective.

Homeschooling in Missouri: Logging Educational Hours

f you're like this homeschool mom, you're wondering just how summer slipped by so quickly.  I really need to crack down the next couple weeks and to get ready for the new year.

First thing to do every school year is compile a list of subjects and texts for each student. I have used the Course of Study form on Donna Young's website for years. (Thanks Donna for the amazing resources you offer free!)  Compiling this document gives me a chance to do a last minute check on everyone's books and supplies, and also makes a great first page for the Missouri required portfolio of student work.