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July Backyard Visitor: Fireflies

When we decided to homeschool this year, I did not want every piece of our day to be remedial and fixing weaknesses. I wanted to do something that built on Nathaniel's strengths and things we enjoy. His receptive language skills are fantastic. He loves stories. He loves being outside. This intersection is where I am building some fun learning into our day.

"Backyard Visitors" is the name I am giving to our nature study. We are learning about one animal a month through children's literature, crafts, and time outdoors. We are working on core AAC vocabulary. The first critter that we learned about was the firefly.

Stop Working So You Can Talk To Me: A Lesson For Mom On Modeling AAC

Nathaniel pinched play dough bits off the ball I held out to him. He poked each piece into the Fun Factory press.  Diligently and silently, he worked at the task. Once the press was full, he pushed down on the lever. He watched the play dough ooze through the three holes moving blue snakes across the table. For the twenty minutes that he worked, I modeled language on his communication device.

See Me? See My AAC

I know it has been a long time since I posted on the blog when I can not remember my log in password. I have many topics for blog posts floating around in my head; I haven't made writing a priority this last month.

I am going to ease back into blogging. Nathaniel and I participated in a week long challenge to share photos that represent the hash tag #seemeseemyaac. The goal of the Facebook campaign was to bring awareness of alternative and augmented communication. People participated from all over the world. Pretty cool. Here are our photos and the snippets of information I shared with each photo about our AAC efforts.

Tell Me - AAC in the Preschool Classroom: A New Direction for Our Homeschool

I made a new AAC friend last month. Dr. Carole Zangari, who blogs at PrACCtical AAC, and I spent a few hours on the phone getting to know each other and discussing her recently published book, Tell Me AAC in the Preschool ClassroomI have been desperate for direction for Nathaniel's education, and the program developed by Dr. Zangari and Lori Wise seemed promising. I have been studying the material daily since that conversation, and recently watched her webinar given through Saltillo. Dr. Zangari and I had a second phone meeting yesterday morning. At one point in our hour and a half conversation, I had to get up from the table and pace the living room floor; the excitement brewing inside needed a physical release.