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A Plan for the Next Step

The outside door from the bedroom to a patio is open and I am watching fog roll off a pond just beyond the patio. Cool Ohio morning air is coming through the door requiring me to stay snuggled under the comforter. Our week at Cincinnati Children's Hospital for Nathaniel's evaluation by the Aerodigestive Clinic is over; we are spending the weekend at a friends' home before heading back to St. Louis. It was a good decision to come here and gradually re-enter real life. Generous hospitality and peaceful settings have a unique way of setting things back on course and calming chaos. I am thankful for this place to linger, to reflect, and to write this morning.

Did You Hear Today's Cattle Report?

It was twenty-three years ago this month that Rich and I started watching the cattle report.

I was attending a weekly women's bible study that summer and had shared with the group in July about a mole on Rich's leg. I had nagged and nagged him to go to a doctor to have it removed and checked for cancer. I had made multiple appointments for him. For most of spring he had refused to take the time off work to go and had cancelled the appointments. The women agreed to pray with me that Rich would make an appointment and have the mole looked at. Within a few days of our prayers, Rich made an appointment and had the mole removed. That answer to prayer was a lesson for me on how God can work when I step out of the way.

Nathaniel's Airway

I have mentioned Nathaniel's airway difficulties in other blog posts.  With our upcoming trip to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Aerodigestive Center, I want to explain his conditions as we understand them today.

Our local medical team has diagnosed Nathaniel with congenital stage 3 subglottic stenosis with a laryngeal web. The subglottic area of the trachea is directly below the vocal cords. Stenosis means narrowing. Staging is rated 1-4; stage 4 is completely closed.