First Grade: AAC Immersion and Comprehensive Literacy Instruction at Home

We started our 2019-2020 school year last week. It’s an odd schedule, but starting in July works for our family. In addition to some bigger calendar reasons to start school so early, there’s the weather and living with a trach. The heat and humidity outdoors prevented Nathaniel from being outside more than ten minutes at least one day last week. We might as well use these inside days for learning. l know one thing after a week of school. This year feels drastically different from our previous year.

We Use a High-Tech Speech Generating Device, But We Prioritize Connection

Rich and I are ETC trained. In the foster and adoption world that means we’ve taken extra classes beyond what is required for state licensure. Specifically, we’ve taken classes that focus on helping children with adverse childhood experiences, or “children from hard places” as the class creators often refer to them. The ETC training provided a window to understand the consequences medical trauma and loss of family brings in Nathaniel’s life.