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An Index to Posts on Nathaniel

An Index to Posts on Nathaniel

Last May our daughter suggested that I put together a list or index for blog posts about Nathaniel. When she tells people that she has seven brothers, that the youngest is three years old and the oldest is thirty-three years old, she is flooded with questions. She likes to send the curious to my blog for information about Nathaniel.

"But where should they start to read, Mom? And how do they find specific posts?"

I have been working on this list since that conversation. The process of compiling and specifically having it completed today, the second anniversary of Nathaniel's adoption, has been a time for me.  It was good to reflect on two plus years of life with Nathaniel in our family. It has been good to reflect on how God has been faithful through it all. After spending hours rereading these old posts, I must add my AMEN to Jason Johnson's words tucked in a recent blog post, "foster care and adoption are not just the process by which we may change a child’s life, but also the means through which God will radically transform ours." 

Here is an index to help you quickly navigate our journey or find information about Nathaniel.

Adoption: Posts about foster care and adopting Nathaniel
Responding to the Call (Winter 2013 - We were asked to consider adopting a young girl.)
Following the Road Signs: (Summer 2013 - Beginning stages of the adoption process)
How An Empty Bedroom Becomes a Nursery: (Summer 2013 - Our decision to adopt Nathaniel)
Reflections on Being Chosen as Nathaniel's Family (Summer 2014)
Meeting Nathaniel (Summer 2013 - Photos of the first day we met Nathaniel)
Loved Well (Summer 2013 - Nathaniel lived with a foster family for seven months prior to coming home)
Introducing Nathaniel (Winter 2014 - Announcing our Adoption after Nathaniel was in our home for six months)
Remember Kalkidan (Fall 2015 - a tribute to the Qualls Family)

Welcome Home: Posts from our first weeks with Nathaniel in the summer and fall of 2013
Day One: Our Adopted Son's Birth Story
Day One: Our Baby's First Night Home
Day Two: Admitted to the Hospital
Day Three: A Plan for the Weekend
Day Six: A New Hospital
Day Seven: Starting Over
Day Thirteen: Sitting in the Hot Seat
Day Fifteen: Back to Children's Hospital
Day Twenty-Three: Welcome Home Again
Getting to Know One Another: August Photos
Top Ten Photos September '13

2014: Posts that describe daily life after Nathaniel's adoption was finalized
On Private Duty Nursing and Glass Houses (Spring)
On Little Boys and Piped Collars and Time (Spring)
A Day of Connection and Sensory Experiences (Spring)
For Mother's Day: Reflections on Birth Mom (Spring)
A Week of Backpacks and Parks (Summer)
A Year of Knowing Nathaniel (Summer)
A Boom-Free Fourth (Summer)
Being Mom (Summer)
A Friend to Comfort (Summer)
New Family Photos (Summer)
A New Book Club for Fall (Fall)
Nathaniel, The Calculus Factor, and God (Fall)
Happy Second Birthday Nathaniel (Fall)

2015: Posts that describe daily life with Nathaniel
In a Good Place (Winter)
Snow Play (Winter)
Welcome Home Embrace (Spring)
Pull! Lift! Carry! (Spring - Occupational Therapy)
An Evening with Chickens (Spring)
One Step at a Time (Spring - Physical Therapy)
"I'm Mom" (Summer)
How a Family Builds an In-law Suite and Ends Up with a Nursery (Summer)
The Cowboy and Calculated Risk (Summer)
Two Years of Knowing Nathaniel (Summer)
Vacationing in Lakeside Part 1 (Summer)
Vacationing in Lakeside Part 2 (Summer)
Pumpkin Picking and a Fall Bucket List (Fall)
Want to High Five About My Progress (Fall)
What We Need When the News is Hard (Fall)
Belated Birthday Photos and Thanksgiving Wishes (Fall)
Merry Christmas 2015 (Fall)
The Year Baby Jesus Had a Tracheostomy (Fall)

2016: Posts that describe daily life with Nathaniel
Three Ways to Help Our Family As Airway Surgery Approaches (Winter)
How Hope Yields Joy (Winter)
Starting My Second Book (Winter)
Drink Formula, Eat Banana (Winter)
Being Brave (Winter)
Spring Wonders (Spring)

Augmented Communication: Posts that explain helping Nathaniel communicate
Part 1: (Spring 2014 - My first attempts at helping Nathaniel find a voice.)
Part 2: Business Cards and Babbling (Spring 2014 - Searching for the right speech therapist.)
The Right Language Test and Therapist (Spring 2014 - Describes our first meeting with a new therapist and her evaluations.)
Nathaniel's First Words (Spring 2014)
Busy Tuesday and a Bit of Communication (Summer 2014)
Language Development and Playing Ball (Summer 2014 - Update on MacArthur Bates Evaluation)
A Modified Stroller and a Communication Refresher (Summer 2014)
Part 3: A Talker (Summer 2014 - Our decision to offer Nathaniel a dynamic speech generating device.)
Part 4: Forty One Words! (Winter 2015 - How Nathaniel's device works.)
Redesigning our Tools (Winter 2015 - How we made a key guard for an iPad mini)
Part 5: Mommy and 216 Other Words (Summer 2015 - How we access Nathaniel's Speech development)
How is Nathaniel Doing? (Summer 2015 - Communication and Occupational Therapy Update)
The Difficulties of Augmented Communication (Summer 2015 - A very popular post about the struggles of AAC use at home.)
Getting Ready for Another Trip (Fall 2015 - AAC programming for surgery preparation)
Trick or Treat for Nonverbal Children (Fall 2015 - Includes a download card to use during Trick or Treating)
The Common Cold, IV's, and Firetrucks (Fall 2015 - AAC growth during a hospital stay)
Part 6: More and More and More Words and a New Talker (Fall 2015)
The Brokenness of Silence (Fall 2015 - Thoughts on Nathaniel being mute forever)
AAC and Healthcare Professionals (Fall 2015 - A popular post about the struggles of AAC use when hospitalized.)
Warm Weather, Woolies, and Words (Fall 2015 - My thoughts on presuming competence)
No Talker Outside Today - SNOW! (Winter 2016)
Part 7: Combining Words, Current Goals, and Singing (Spring 2016)
Core Vocabulary with Board Books (Spring 2016 - A popular post on practicing core words while reading.)

Medical Diagnoses and Illnesses:
Off to the Doctor.... Again (Spring 2014 - Introduces Nathaniel's medical team)
Nathaniel's G-Tube System (Spring 2014 - Describes the Mic-Key system)
Another Day in Surgery (Spring 2014 outpatient surgery and update on medical team)
Back to the Hospital (Spring 2014)
Processing Medical Experiences (Spring 2014)
Discouraging Decision (Summer 2014 - Aspiration)
A Very Full August (Fall 2014 - Bronchoscopy)
Swallow Study Tomorrow and Other Hard News (Fall 2014 - Aspiration)
Swallow Study Results (Fall 2014 - Aspiration)
Life With a Crumb Finding Aspriator (Fall 2014 - Aspiration)
Making Music (Fall 2014 - Discussing aspiration results with our medical team)
Starting Down a New Path (Fall 2014 - Aspiration)
These Sweet Hands and Teaching Body Parts (Fall 2014 - Hand Surgery)
"Could He Possibly Die, Kim?" (Fall 2014)
Hand Surgery and Expectations (Spring 2015 - Hand Surgery)
The Week in PICU (Spring 2015 - virus)
Eat Faster Son! (Spring 2015 - virus)
Last Night in the Hospital (Spring 2015 - virus)
From the PICU to the Cast Room (Spring 2015 - virus, hand surgery)
Sometimes We Sleep (Spring 2015 - private duty nursing)
Help Wanted: Day Nurse (Spring 2015 - private duty nursing)
Nathaniel's Airway (Summer 2015 - explanation of Nathaniel's airway anatomy)
Swallow Study Results (Fall 2015 - post tonsillectomy aspiration at Cincinnati Children's Hospital)
A Narrow Airway, But a Wide Mercy (Fall 2015)
A Plan for Airway Surgery (Fall 2015 - Explains Nathaniel's airway surgery to be performed at Cincinnati Children's)
Laryngotracheal Separation Surgery Day 1 (Winter 2016)
Laryngotracheal Separation Surgery Day 3 (Winter 2016)
Laryngotracheal Separation Surgery Day 5 (Winter 2016)
Laryngotracheal Separation Surgery Days 6-13 (Winter 2016)
Starting My Second Book (Winter 2016 - Describes the process of recording medical information.)
Drink Formula, Eat Banana (Winter 2016 - Describes starting to eat after airway surgery)
Hand Surgery Check Up (Winter 2016 - One year follow up with hand surgeon)
The Trachs on My Windowsill (Spring 2016 - Hospitalization for a virus.)

Emergency Medical System: Posts about working with our local medics and firemen
Calling 911 (Spring 2015)
Very Two (Spring 2015 - Describes one of Nathaniel's airway accidents)
And Then We Mitigate (Spring 2015 - Post accident care changes)
If This Were an Actual Emergency (Summer 2015 - Tracheostomy basics)
Emergency Information Inside (Summer 2015 - Car seat emergency info holder)

Cincinnati Children's Hospital: Posts about trips to Ohio for an airway evaluation and surgery
Back to Ohio in August (Summer 2015)
Getting Ready for the Trip to Cincinnati (Summer 2015)
Did You Hear Today's Cattle Report? (Summer 2015)
A Plan for the Next Step (Summer 2015 - results of our evaluation trip)
September Cincinnati Trip - Day 1 (Fall 2015 Tonsillectomy)
September Cincinnati Trip - Day 4 (Fall 2015 - Tonsillectomy)
September Cincinnati Trip - Day 8 (Fall 2015 - Tonsillectomy)
September Cincinnati Trip - Day 12 (Fall 2015 - Tonsillectomy)
Swallow Study Results (Fall 2015 - post tonsillectomy aspiration test)
A Plan for Airway Surgery (Fall 2015 - Explains Nathaniel's airway surgery)
Laryngotracheal Separation Surgery Day 1 (Winter 2016)
Laryngotracheal Separation Surgery Day 3 (Winter 2016)
Laryngotracheal Separation Surgery Day 5 (Winter 2016)
Laryngotracheal Separation Surgery Days 6-13 (Winter 2016)


Laryngotracheal Separation Surgery Day 1

Laryngotracheal Separation Surgery Day 1

No Talker Outside Today - SNOW!

No Talker Outside Today - SNOW!