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My Cowboy Life: Day Four

I had to leave the ranch by six this morning and am in Denver waiting at the gate for my flight. I know life will be full speed ahead when I get home so I am hoping to post these last photos before they start boarding. I think for the sake of time I might just put all the remaining photos in a gallery. There will be some extras from earlier days and a few I took of Andrew's leather work on Sunday. I was especially captivated by Andrew's hands this visit. They can lay a gentle rein to a horse's neck, force the weight of a trailer onto a hitch, and create beautiful works of purposeful art. It is a special gift to have been able to come and see him in his environment and doing the things he loves. We talked some this weekend about the fact that he lives so far away. The sadness of that truth is lightened by knowing he is happy.

My Cowboy Life: Day Three

Andrew was out of the house and in the saddle by six this morning. They had to move one hundred and twenty mares and their foals to a new pasture. He was back at the house around nine, we had breakfast, and then left for Cheyenne. It was go to town day.

My Cowboy Life: Day Two

I was awake and out of the house before sunrise, and I was over an hour late. Andrew and his boss, Jed, had saddled five horses, taken them by trailer to the arena, rounded up about fifteen leased yearly Corriente steers from the pasture, and already run a few through the shoot by the time I arrived. The cowboys had forgotten to tell the insects the day had started; the grasshoppers and cicadas were still singing the night songs as the blue of dawn was just fading.

My Cowboy Life: Day One

By four o'clock, my lips were stinging chapped and every time I put my teeth together, I crunched dirt. The water we got from the red pump in the back pasture was almost gone. It was warm. I was hot. And there was more work to do.

Having now experienced daily life on a Wyoming ranch leads me to suspect there is always more work to do.

Our son, Andrew, works as a cowboy at the Bartlett Ranch in southeastern Wyoming. The ranch breeds and sells quarter horses. Andrew "rides the rough ones and ropes the wild ones." I flew to Denver last night and drove up to the ranch to spend time with him for the holiday weekend. It has been a year and a half since I've seen Andrew. It is good to be with him.