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Visiting New Mexico and Climbing Mountains

I drove nine hundred and fifty miles across Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico earlier this month. Rich and I won big at the only lottery we have ever played - the timing of a trip to Philmont High Adventure Scout Ranch. Scout troops put their request for a trek in a literal lottery eighteen months in advance. Josiah and Rich headed west by train with others from our local troop mid-June. Our personal win? Their one hundred mile backpacking trip ended on July third, the day before Andrew would participate in the 95th Maverick Club July Fourth Rodeo in Cimarron, New Mexico. Philmont sits just a few miles outside of Cimarron. Andrew took a full time cowboy position with the Scout Ranch last September. The opportunity to visit Andrew, see the guys come off the trail, and watch the rodeo called me west.

Four Highly Productive Homemaking Tools

The life transition from mom of a few little children, to mom of a large homeschool family of teenagers, to mom of a child with complex medical needs has necessitated an ever changing approach to home management. I have far less time, energy, and help with tasks around the house now than I did ten years ago when chore charts for many children covered our refrigerator. And yet I still have all the mess of a preschooler up to his elbows in paint! The year of frequent trips to Cincinnati for Nathaniel's medical care demanded simplify my approach to cooking, cleaning, and planning. Here are four tools I have found worth their cost and my energy to keep me organized and home life moving forward.

Happy Fourth Birthday Nathaniel

Nathaniel turns four tomorrow. Since it falls on Thanksgiving Day this year, we gathered family and friends a couple weekends ago to celebrate. This birthday carries some significance - the first that Nathaniel can eat cake. I decided on a Very Hungry Caterpillar theme to commemorate and had a lot of fun making with the preparations, especially making the cake decorations out of fondant. Nathaniel blew out his candles and then signed "awesome." Yes, Nathaniel everything about this milestone is awesome. Happy Birthday!

Camping with a Tracheostomy

When I googled "camping with a tracheostomy" last week, I mostly found short lists of summer camps that accept medically complex children. A few forums suggested using an RV for traveling and camping experiences with a trach kiddo. We rented a large RV in 2008 and took five children to the Devil's Tower, Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons. I can easily imagine how convenient it would be to "RV camp" with Nathaniel. Except we do not own an RV; we own a tent.