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A Plan for the Next Step

The outside door from the bedroom to a patio is open and I am watching fog roll off a pond just beyond the patio. Cool Ohio morning air is coming through the door requiring me to stay snuggled under the comforter. Our week at Cincinnati Children's Hospital for Nathaniel's evaluation by the Aerodigestive Clinic is over; we are spending the weekend at a friends' home before heading back to St. Louis. It was a good decision to come here and gradually re-enter real life. Generous hospitality and peaceful settings have a unique way of setting things back on course and calming chaos. I am thankful for this place to linger, to reflect, and to write this morning.

From the PICU to the Cast Room

Nathaniel was discharged from the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and went straight to the cast room. We missed our previous scheduled 7:00 am appointment to get his cast removed and pins extracted, but the hand surgery team squeezed us in when we got there. I just wanted to be done. To come home knowing Nathaniel and I would not have to go back in a couple days. Not have to face the waiting room apprehension. Not have to open just scabbed over wounds of fear.

One Step at a Time

I have enjoyed watching Nathaniel adapt to having his right hand in a cast. He is very creative. Like in the way he decided to look at a book today. He carried his Daniel Tiger book around all day and refused to go outside unless I let him take it along. I am not sure about that cast pillow, but he seemed comfortable and happy in moment. Pretty happy playing with big brother in "bean dirt" earlier this week too.