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Vacationing in Lakeside 2015 - Part 1

I can walk you past four generations of Lakeside cottages on my father's side of the family and three generations worth on my mother's side. "A Place Like the Whole World Ought to Be" was the slogan I heard repeatedly as a child of my hometown on the shore of Lake Erie. Most people experienced the Lakeside Chautauqua for a week of vacation; I became a year around resident at age eight when my parents divorced. When a child grows up in the place the whole world ought to be like, she thinks differently of the world. Every time I come home I realize a bit deeper how place influences who we are and who we become.

The Welcome Home Embrace

Nathaniel and I achieved a milestone recently. I had been out grocery shopping and he was home with our private duty day nurse. As I walked through the front door I called my usual to him, “Nathaniel! Mommy is home!” He ran to me. Arms out stretched. Smiling broad. A first.

3 Tips if You are Caring for a Elderly Parent in Your Home

We are starting our fifth year caring for my husband’s father in our home. It has been a very rewarding experience that has enriched our lives tremendously. The last four years haven’t been conflict free though, and I’ve learned a lot through the process of sharing my home with an in-law. Perhaps these three lessons will encourage other families in a similar living arrangement.

Building Relationship Bridges

We had the opportunity this fall to visit the Menominee Indian Reservation in Wisconsin with a group of volunteers. We spent a Saturday cutting firewood for the tribe's senior citizens. As our group processed what it meant to be invited onto the reservation, we were challenged to think of ourselves as bridge builders from one culture group to another, and then further challenged to think of tangible things we could do to build bridges.