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Visiting New Mexico and Climbing Mountains

I drove nine hundred and fifty miles across Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico earlier this month. Rich and I won big at the only lottery we have ever played - the timing of a trip to Philmont High Adventure Scout Ranch. Scout troops put their request for a trek in a literal lottery eighteen months in advance. Josiah and Rich headed west by train with others from our local troop mid-June. Our personal win? Their one hundred mile backpacking trip ended on July third, the day before Andrew would participate in the 95th Maverick Club July Fourth Rodeo in Cimarron, New Mexico. Philmont sits just a few miles outside of Cimarron. Andrew took a full time cowboy position with the Scout Ranch last September. The opportunity to visit Andrew, see the guys come off the trail, and watch the rodeo called me west.

Camping with a Tracheostomy

When I googled "camping with a tracheostomy" last week, I mostly found short lists of summer camps that accept medically complex children. A few forums suggested using an RV for traveling and camping experiences with a trach kiddo. We rented a large RV in 2008 and took five children to the Devil's Tower, Badlands, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons. I can easily imagine how convenient it would be to "RV camp" with Nathaniel. Except we do not own an RV; we own a tent.

My Cowboy Life: Day Four

I had to leave the ranch by six this morning and am in Denver waiting at the gate for my flight. I know life will be full speed ahead when I get home so I am hoping to post these last photos before they start boarding. I think for the sake of time I might just put all the remaining photos in a gallery. There will be some extras from earlier days and a few I took of Andrew's leather work on Sunday. I was especially captivated by Andrew's hands this visit. They can lay a gentle rein to a horse's neck, force the weight of a trailer onto a hitch, and create beautiful works of purposeful art. It is a special gift to have been able to come and see him in his environment and doing the things he loves. We talked some this weekend about the fact that he lives so far away. The sadness of that truth is lightened by knowing he is happy.

My Cowboy Life: Day Three

Andrew was out of the house and in the saddle by six this morning. They had to move one hundred and twenty mares and their foals to a new pasture. He was back at the house around nine, we had breakfast, and then left for Cheyenne. It was go to town day.