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Printing and Using Low Tech Talker Symbols - Part 2

I shared earlier this week how I print low tech version of Nathaniel's talker symbols. (Read here.) Just as a reminder, Nathaniel uses Speak for Yourself. The symbol set is called Smarty Symbols and I use Custom Boards to create printables. Most of the time, that has worked flawlessly for me. Occasionally, I can not find the correct symbol on Custom Boards. I have asked some questions behind the scenes of both SFY and Smarty Symbols folks and learned that yes, some symbols used when SFY was originally developed are not currently available. I use the following options when I am unable to find the SFY symbol on Custom Boards.

Printing and Using Low Tech Versions of Talker Symbols

Vani, a speech therapist from Australia, emailed to ask how I print high quality low tech versions of Nathaniel's talker symbols. Hope this helps explain how I create and use them. Bonus! A free printable of some Speak for Yourself transportation symbols that fit in the Cariboo game, is included at the bottom.

Nathaniel uses the app Speak For Yourself (SFY). The symbol set for Speak for Yourself is Smarty Symbols. We use low tech versions of these symbols to drill our five weekly words, to offer a visual of word combinations, and for Nathaniel's visual schedules. The photo below shows a variety of these uses. This week's words on the the left, the other photos show some visual schedules.