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How I Prepare for Our AAC Consultations

We meet with our AAC team Wednesday afternoon for one of our quarterly consultations. It will be a transitional meeting for Nathaniel as his weekly speech therapist is anticipating a new baby soon. Nathaniel and Miss Rebecca had their last "before baby comes" session yesterday. (Many blessings to you and your little one, Rebecca!) Our therapy plans for the fall include continuing in Development Language Group two mornings a week and private therapy (Occupational and Speech) one morning a week.

As I prepare for our AAC meeting, I am again shuffling papers, making lists, and thinking about goals I have for Nathaniel's language growth. I reflect on times Nathaniel experiences communication frustrated as that often indicates areas that need solutions and work. This document, Language Functions & Early Generative Language Production by Gail M. Van Tatenhove, PA, MS, CCC-SLP, was given to me very early on in Nathaniel's AAC journey. It continues to be a help when I prepare for our AAC meetings. I revisited Tatenhove's word lists and compared the list to open words on Nathaniel's device. I have created a list of words that I feel we need to work on learning.