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My AAC Immersion Kindergarten: Week 6

I see a trend when I look at photos from this week. Nathaniel continually has his head down on the table or is laying down. He is still not feeling well. I have been advocating for a clear diagnosis of a respiratory infection for three weeks. I think we finally have a treatment plan. However, it is late Friday afternoon and I'm still working with the pharmacy and doctor's office to get the medication we need in a form that is easy for Nathaniel to take. We have not needed his g-tube for anything, including medications, since early June. It seems this illness might require using the tube again.

My AAC Immersion Kindergarten: Week 5

Nathaniel's medical conditions stole time from being a student this week. He has recently experienced some complications with his trach stoma, and we think he might have a respiratory infection. Thankfully, we've managed at home, which is a huge improvement for this kid who used to need ICU support for minor viruses. But we've been to the doctor a number of times and have added additional treatments to our routine. He hasn't been sleeping well, which means I haven't slept well.

July AAC Core Word Activties: Week 3

This week the augmentative alternative communication (AAC) activities in our homeschool focused on the words SAME, READY, IS, WITH. I selected these from the PrACCtical AAC's list of core words for July. My goal is do one fifteen to twenty minute activity per day that allows me to model the words and motivate Nathaniel to use his device and learn new language skills. I am currently trying to model three to five word utterances. In my examples below, I model all the words except those in parentheses. I have put this week's core words in all capitals to draw attention to them. Simpler modeling option would be to only model the targeted core word.