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How Hope Yields Joy

Four years ago this month, I wrote a three part blog series on the cost of homeschooling. It makes sense that I wrote that series in January. January is when I start to think about the next school year.

For almost two decades now, we've deposited that spring (IRS) check in a special savings account earmarked for school costs.  Some years we haven't needed all of it, some years we have. Many years, the doldrums of winter were chased away by browsing curriculum catalogs, comparing programs, making wish lists, and dreaming of next year's fun.  The Cost of Homeschooling, Part 1

The Year Baby Jesus Had a Tracheostomy

A friend sent me this photo on Christmas Eve. "Baby Jesus has a trach this year," her text said.

Doll baby Jesus' mother is six-year old Maggie. Maggie's mother is a medic who spends her days training first responders in tracheostomy emergencies.  Maggie's grandmother is a Sunday School director. Maggie's grandfather had a trach. Blend it all together and it is logical that when a baby was needed for the Family Service nativity at church that Maggie's trached baby doll was cast for the leading role.

The baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in the feeding trough had a tracheostomy.

The Plan for Airway Surgery

About a month ago, I offered my layman's understanding on the functions of the larynx - it provides a passageway for breathing, it protects the lungs, it contains the vocal cords aiding in sound production, and it helps with eating. I mentioned in that post that having all four functions is not possible for Nathaniel. Tests during our last trip to Cincinnati Children's showed that Nathaniel still aspirates - his airway is unprotected - and that condition is unlikely to change with more time. The news we received in November was more brutal than hearing all four functions of the larynx could not be saved. Because Nathaniel's airway is not protected, it is not in his best interest to restore any larynx function.