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Summer Activity: Capture the Normal Days

Summer Activity: Capture the Normal Days

At our house the "Oh-my-goodness-it's-summer" turns into boredom in about 48 hours. Without a schedule and some resemblance of a routine, my children quickly resort to game systems to fill their days.

The fact that my boys are older hasn't seemed to make a huge difference from their preschool and elementary years. Left to themselves, they struggle filling long summer days with creative activities. I would venture to say it actually gets harder for preteens and teens who are accustomed to youth group, sporting activities, and school work to structure their time.  Add in the fact that friends and siblings have camps and summer jobs, and the days can seem endless.

A week into our summer, I remembered two things I know but seem to forget each year: Summer isn't a vacation from mothering. I have to be an involved mom even for my teens. 

Enter the "My Summer in 50 Photos Challenge"

Click on the link above and print the free download to get started.

Grab your camera (phone, digital or disposable) and take 50 photos of every day life! Tackle the list as a family. Encourage teens to take their own set of photos!

Invite your friends to participate and post your photos on social media.

Consider creating a Facebook album “My Summer in 50 Photos.”  Share your album to the Catching Foxes Facebook page so we can see your summer!

If you're on Instagram, use the hashtag #summerin50

Ready? Set? Go capture some normal day summer fun! By the way - this project will provide some fantastic material for the writer's notebook when school starts back up.

My Summer in 50 Photos Challenge was inspired by Becky Higgins Everyday Photo Ideas for Teens.

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