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Holding Fresh Love

Holding Fresh Love

The beginning of January always feels like a new start in being in love.  I married the end of December, the 30th, just before New Year's.  A few weeks ago marked twenty-two years for the man and I.  Daily, I wonder how we arrived at such a high number so quickly.  And then I remember.  Every so often, we sneak away to fall in love again. 

And those little trips kindle something that ignites again.

This December, we went to a farm.  To a cabin. It was officially called "A Couple's Retreat Cabin".  We retreated for three nights.  Like billows fanning some sparks into flames, it was just enough time to remind us what "this" is all about.  Three mornings of farm fresh eggs.  Three days to talk, walk, listen, and sense. 

Needing to plan your own rekindling retreat?

A few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Determine budget and length of trip.  Stay away as long as childcare and finances can accommodate.
  • Make the best arrangements possible for your children and then trust.  Chaos, accidents, tragedies may happen when you are gone.  You will be stronger as a couple to cope with them because you got away. 
  • Pick a location with few attractions.  Too many things to do and see lessens the focus on each other.
  • Pack light.  A book or two.  A puzzle.  Take things that pull you and your spouse into communication and fellowship.
  • Plan for some solo time within the trip.  Take an early morning walk by yourself.  Treat yourself to coffee alone for an hour at a bookstore.  Take a long bath.  
  • Schedule a few hours each day to "talk home".  Come away from your retreat with some new ideas and insights on how you will tackle current issues in your home and marriage.
  • Set your first date night within five days of your return.  Walking back into life after a retreat will be a shock.  Make plans before you get home for your next time together as a couple.  
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