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Therapy Support Found for Pediatric Use of an Eletrolarynx

Nathaniel and I left his Cincinnati Children’s Hospital check up last May with an interesting recommendation from his ENT: look beyond the pediatric community for information and support. I had arrived with questions about Nathaniel’s options for voicing. They shared of another patient with a laryngotracheal separation who learned to use esphageal speech. They also expressed a great deal of hope that given the right support, Nathaniel had a good chance of voicing.

May Cincinnati Trip: Fixing the Broken Things

Today was the sixteenth time in less than three years that I handed Nathaniel to an anesthesiologist for a surgery or medical procedure. That does not count illnesses and lab work. Despite the outward appearance of resiliency and well-being, the chronic need for medical intervention is taking a toll on Nathaniel's body. We are in Ohio for two days of appointments at Cincinnati Children's. Nathaniel was seen by four surgeons in the operating room this afternoon. As a side note, I really like it when doctors play well together and coordinate care; if handled differently, what was done today could have required four separate visits and four more handing overs to be sedated. Thank you Cincinnati Children's!

Laryngotracheal Separation Surgery: Day 6-13

Nathaniel was discharged from Cincinnati Children's on Saturday, February 13. During our visit to Cincinnati last September for the tonsillectomy, we became friends with the crews at the Blue Ash Fire Department. They offered to provide a few dinners for us this trip. A delicious steak dinner, and teddy bear for Nathaniel, was delivered to our hotel Saturday night to celebrate both Valentine's Day and Nathaniel's successful surgery.

Laryngotracheal Separation Surgery - Day 5

Nathaniel has improved by leaps and bounds since the third day post surgery. He's playing with trucks, working on language, and roaming the halls pushing and pulling a wagon. Opps! It is not so quiet around here anymore. We're even back to taking hospital selfies. (Boy, do I have a lot of hospital selfies with this kid.) Tomorrow morning early (6:30) the doctors will change his tracheostomy tube for the first time. If you happen to be a Saturday morning early riser - pray for us. Rich and I both need to be present to learn new care. We will see the incision and new stoma for the first time. We have been through many surgeries as parents; it never gets easy to see a fresh surgical wound on a small child. Afterwards Rich and I will each demonstrate our ability to care for the stoma and change his trach tube. If we do this tomorrow, Nathaniel will be discharge. The discharge is two days earlier than doctors told us to anticipate - a sign of how quickly he has recovered in the last couple days.