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Trick or Treat for Nonverbal Children

Original Post: October 2014. Updated: October 2015, October 2016

I think a lot about how to help Nathaniel understand and engage with the world and how to help the world understand Nathaniel. In this light, Halloween has been troubling me.

How does a child who can not speak and does not eat participate in Halloween?

We could skip it. There are many Christian homeschool families who avoid the holiday all together. We did at one point in our child rearing. In recent years Halloween has provided an excuse to spend time with our friends, Dan and Kelly and their seven children. October 31, 2013, Nathaniel's first Halloween, was a cold and rainy week night. After enjoying soup with our friends, we brought him home and missed the door to door part of the evening.  In 2014, we celebrated Halloween with Nathaniel's foster family. We visited a few homes and went home early again.

The Year Baby Jesus Had a Tracheostomy

A friend sent me this photo on Christmas Eve. "Baby Jesus has a trach this year," her text said.

Doll baby Jesus' mother is six-year old Maggie. Maggie's mother is a medic who spends her days training first responders in tracheostomy emergencies.  Maggie's grandmother is a Sunday School director. Maggie's grandfather had a trach. Blend it all together and it is logical that when a baby was needed for the Family Service nativity at church that Maggie's trached baby doll was cast for the leading role.

The baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in the feeding trough had a tracheostomy.

Merry Christmas 2015

I learned at Christmas in 1993 that I love to write. I had just had a baby. There were three children under four in the house; two older step-sons visited on weekends. In the rare moments that the house was settled and I could have been resting, I sat at my father-in-law's Brother typewriter and wrote draft after draft of our Christmas letter. Like today, writing provided quiet time to process life. For a decade or more, before the world of blogging and social media, taking time to write our annual Christmas letter was a gift to myself and the route I used to connect with distant aunts and uncles, old friends from college, and the parents of childhood friends.

Belated Birthday Photos And Thanksgiving Wishes

I had hoped to post some photos for Nathaniel's third birthday last week, but a sudden hospitalization reorganized all plans. He had a runny nose and sneezes on Friday, November 21st, and I assumed it was a virus. Nathaniel has had a handful of viruses that come and go like they do for most children. He woke up coughing Friday night and threw up. The night nurse needed to put him on oxygen -  often our first indicator that he aspirated.