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Packing Burn Ointment

Packing Burn Ointment

He was standing in the driveway Sunday afternoon, ready to leave.  I was running back and forth to the house, grabbing last minute things to add to his duffel.  

Burn ointment. I had just used it myself last week, my burn not yet healed completely.  I brought it outside and placed it in his hand.

"If you burn yourself, use this," I said, choking back tears.  

He was certain to burn himself sometime this next month.  He placed it in the door pocket of his truck.  I added a box of band aids I was still holding.

"Thanks, Mom."  Tears seeped out of the corner of my eyes when he hugged me. The next fifteen minutes, waiting for him to pull out of the driveway, were excruciating long and yet passed too quickly.  

A child leaving home makes a momma's heart heavy

He called tonight from two hundred miles away to tell me about his first day of ferrier school.  Six months ago, I didn't know what a ferrier was, but because of my son's interest in learning to shoe horses, I know now.

"Are you glad you are there?"  I asked. "Did today go well?"  A large chunk of his savings was invested in this opportunity.  I wait, anxious to hear he was pleased with the decision to attend the month long school and apprenticeship.

"Ya," he started slowly.  He sounded sleepy.  "I learned to work the hot forge right away this morning."  

I smiled.  This oldest son was always a hands-on learner.  

"I made three horseshoes out of straight stock," he continued.  I don't yet understand the terminology of the job, but I know his voice when he's proud of his work.

"Was it fun?" I ask for more.

"Ya, but the very first time I hit the red hot metal with the sledge, a piece of slag flew off and landed on my hand."  I pictured my little boy's hand, now man sized and blistered, holding the burn ointment just yesterday.  A fresh tear slipped down my cheek.

"Remember the ointment is in your truck."

"I know Mom. Thanks."

Fox Catcher: Favorite verse to pray for the kids when they are leaving home - Jeremiah 29:11. "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you and hope and a future." 

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